As this year brought many challenges and uncertainties with the cancellation of in-person events, EENA would like to encourage the public safety community to stay connected despite the distance and keep improving the quality of emergency response.

Therefore, we decided to organise an online ‘Who-is-Who is in the public safety industry’ event, which will offer a virtual tour of the latest products and services available in the emergency sector.

Who can attend?

Everyone (so simple, isn’t it!)
And more specifically: emergency services, public authorities, any company (even those not EENA corporate members) who want to get up to date with the latest technological developments, and who are looking for innovative solutions and ideas to face these challenging times. Registration is free of charge!

Who will present?

Over three consecutive half days, 40+ leading solution providers in the public safety sector will pitch the solutions they can offer for a duration of 10 minutes each, including a Q&A session in which any attendant will be able to ask questions.

More information on this online event can be found HERE.