The latest edition of “The Who-is-Who handbook in the public safety industry” is available!

But before continuing, we have to warn you: this publication is not for you, unless you are looking for:

· A crystal clear overview of the public safety market
· Solution providers that can cater to your needs
· Partners in the sector
· The latest solutions available

Are you still with us? Great!

The public safety market is under constant change, so how can you make sure that the information you have is accurate? That’s where the handbook comes in.

What’s the handbook? A directory of solution providers from the emergency services sector. Find information about the products and services available in the market, learn what makes them state-of-the-art and reach out to each company’s contact to know more. In other words? It’s the easiest way to understand the landscape in the public safety industry.

The document bridges communication between stakeholders of the sector and fills in any gaps professionals have about what solutions are available. This is the 4th edition of the publication, which is updated every 6 months to make sure you will not miss important updates.

Find the publication using the link in the sidebar.

We would like to thank all industry representatives for the input they provided.

* Please note that the publication includes only EENA members who joined the EENA community up until September 2017. New members will be included in the next edition.