Social media has transformed the way we communicate about risk, emergencies, and preparedness. To celebrate Social Media Day, we organised a webinar with Jo Maddams, Emergency Planning Officer from Northamptonshire County Council in the United Kingdom. Jo explains the 30 Days 30 Ways UK campaign. 

The 30 Days 30 Ways UK campaign takes place every September, which is Preparedness Month. Every day, people are challenged to complete a task to improve their personal resilience. These challenges range from familiarising yourself with a quick exit or talking to your children about preparedness, to tracking how many times you wash your hands or following your local police service on social media.

In this webinar, we discuss best practices and recommendations for getting the public engaged in a month-long activity through gamification. This involved working with hundreds of partners to target local communities and successfully coordinating volunteers.

Presented by

Jo Maddams

Emergency Planning Officer, Northamptonshire County Council, United Kingdom