On 10 July at 14:30 CEST, we met to discuss what the new EU Artificial Intelligence rulebook may mean for public safety professionals.

The European Parliament adopted its position on the AI rulebook with an overwhelming majority on 14 June, paving the way for the interinstitutional negotiations set to finalise the world’s first comprehensive law on Artificial Intelligence.

Certain AI systems may now be classified as ‘high-risk’ – and they may have to follow basic rules related to safety and transparency. AI systems for dispatch or determining dispatch priorities may be considered as high-risk AI systems. Under the rulebook, the legality of facial recognition and crime prediction systems is under discussion. Both providers and users will have to be aware of upcoming regulation on such systems.

In this webinar, we break down what the EU AI Act could mean for you. Participants had the opportunity to pose questions to our experts and understand what the next steps may be for the future of AI in the EU. Whether you’re a solution provider using AI in your products or emergency services staff incorporating AI into your dispatch systems, this webinar will provide useful information.



Presented by


Benoit Vivier

Public Affairs Director, EENA