EENA has been one of the leaders in the field of public safety and drones during the last years. From pilot programmes around Europe to documents and webinars adding to the discussion of drones in public safety, EENA has been in the forefront.

The benefits of drones for the safety of people have been undeniable. And so have some challenges that remain to be addressed. In this context, EENA’s work on drones aims to push for progress in the public safety field and enable spaces for emergency services to learn from each other.

Ongoing work

LiFesaving medical deliveries by drone

To better understand the possibility of using drones for emergency medical deliveries, EENA and Everdrone launched a project, supported by the Karolinska Institutet.

The project involve interviews conducted with professionals from relevant end-user organisations. Professionals working in emergency services applied to take part in the project, which aims to help improve people’s safety. Through these interviews, EENA, Everdrone and the Karolinska Institutet will explore opportunities to use drones to deliver lifesaving equipment such as defibrillators.

The EENA-Everdrone project kicked-off in January 2021 and is currently ongoing. Watch this space for updates soon!

"Drones offer great potential for first responders, but there is still much to explore. The case of Everdrone in Sweden, where drones are used to deliver defibrillators, is a perfect example of how drones can go beyond the current applications to help save lives. We are very glad to join forces to explore how this concept of drones for EMS can be escalated to other regions, to share our learnings with our community, and to work towards making this technology mainstream in emergency response."
Alfonso Zamarro
Drones Activities Manager
“We are very excited about our collaboration with EENA. The team at Everdrone are experts in safe autonomous drone operations but we have a lot to learn from the emergency response sector when it comes to utilising drones in real-world scenarios. EENA is the perfect partner to connect with relevant stakeholders and build that knowledge.”
Mats Sällström
CEO Everdrone

Our Previous work

  • Drones

    EENA & DJI

    Pilot tests in Europe

    EENA partnered with DJI to understand and evaluate the use of RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) in civil protection/first responder scenarios in a number of pilot sites in Europe. The main objective for the project was to learn how the technology can assist our fire and rescue services, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), police services, coastguards and humanitarian organizations in different scenarios and in different environments such as urban, rural, mountainous, forest and “over-water” conditions. Phase I of the programme was completed in 2016 with Phase II announcing its results in 2018.
  • Drones

    New network

    EENA Emergency Services & Drones Network

    In November 2018, EENA announced the creation of a new network, exclusively designed for emergency services using drones in their day-to-day operations – or interested in doing so. The network is a platform for first responders to share experiences and best practices with their peers, as well as stay up to date with the latest developments. Until now, European countries heavily rely on sirens to alert the public in case of a crisis. Such systems, left-overs of the second world war, are highly ineffective. Technology allows for much improvement, but the uptake of modern public warning has been slow. Until now… In a landmark decision, in November 2018 the European Parliament made modern reverse-112 obligatory for all member states. Citizens in a high-risk area will be able to receive an SMS or alert directly on their mobile phone in case of an emergency, informing them what is happening and how to remain safe.