The Help 112 II project aims to make Advanced Mobile Location (AML) available to more emergency control rooms in Europe, helping to save lives of citizens in danger.

Participating countries: Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, France, Sweden, Croatia

Accurate caller location information in times of emergency is essential for emergency call takers. The more accurate the location information, the quicker help can be dispatched. Advanced Mobile Location (AML) is all about using GNSS information from the caller’s smartphone to accurately locate them when in danger. More information on AML can be found here.

The previous pilot project- Help 112 (2016-2017) – evaluated the merits of different caller location solutions. Its conclusion was to propose the use of handset-based technologies to help locate emergency callers.

AML has been deployed in several countries over the past years. Extending AML’s deployment to more countries would improve the safety of citizens. And that is why the Help 112 II project is working to deploy AML in 7 more European countries. Help 112 II is all about driving change in emergency call taking, saving lives, reducing injuries and making sure that citizens protected as thoroughly as possible.