WA aims at combining the efforts of employers, employees and society to improve the health and well-being of people at work.

In a society where employment is prolonged to higher ages, the WorkingAge project studies and promotes healthy habits in working environments focusing on people aged over 50. Gaining a better understanding of well-being at work and of factors that may inhibit or deteriorate prolonged employment, desirable living situations at older age are pursued, characterized by autonomy and quality of life.

An integrated digital solution, the WA Tool, will support this by studying three types of working environments: Office, Driving and Manufacturing. These environments are being made fit for workers over 50, and validated in extensive pilots.

The WA Tool provides workers with assistance in their everyday routine in the form of recommendations, risks avoidance and reminders. Monitoring the worker’s behaviour, health data and preferences through continuous data collection provides input for friendly interactions with the user.

This WA Tool will evolve to a scalable product that will empower both companies and employees to improve professional lives by attenuating the impact of ageing and improve autonomy and well-being.