In our report on Emergency Communications from Third-Party Service Providers, we concluded that TPSPs are valuable, necessary, and indeed becoming an inevitable part of providing emergency assistance.

EENA has developed this unique Standard to improve the overall provision of TPS eCall across the EU for our citizens. The programme will allow for the first time eCall TPSPs to benchmark themselves against a Standard which is specific to their mission. The Standard will reward those exemplar providers who have been committed to provide a high quality eCall services.

EENA is encouraging all TPSPs to consider applying for the Standard and to take the first step on this path by requesting your own copy, which is free of charge to receive.


Assess the quality of your services and show to your customers and to public authorities that the TPSP services you provide are high quality.




Be strategically positioned to set up agreements with Emergency Services Organisations to provide national and international end-to-end services to your customers

Benchmark yourselves against a standard specific to your mission, created together with Emergency Services from all over the world.

Benefit from added-value advice: Allow the certification to identify things that could improve, and use it to build a future roadmap.