For a little more than a year now, I’ve been working as a 112 dispatcher at the Luxemburgish emergency centre. Alongside that, I’ve been volunteering as a firefighter on the field since 2006. In our little country, what’s special about our emergency service is that there is only one dispatching centre where all the emergency calls come in. As an operator, I have to receive emergency calls by phone, SMS, fax and e-mail. Then, I have to get information from callers so that I can work out the appropriate course of action.

I work at the CGDIS, which groups all the volunteer firefighters, ambulances and medical services, professional firefighters and 9 special units. The CGDIS has about 4000 volunteers, 400 professional people over the country in about 100 fire brigades.

I’m inspired by the fact that every day I can learn something new. For me, this job is about social commitment. I can really help others and get involved socially. Doing good also gives you a positive feeling!

To do this job, you have to have a high level of concentration. You need to keep motivated and your work needs to be flawless. Every call, every intervention is different, so you need to know about many different areas to succeed.