June 18th: EU Projects Series- CORE and KnowEMS

EENA has partnered with a number of EU-funded projects to not only keep you up-to-date on the latest innovations and research in the public safety sector, but to facilitate networking opportunities and knowledge exchange.

This installment will feature two EU-funded projects: 

CORE– This project will provide optimised actions and harmonised solutions to rebuild socio-economic structures after a disaster. Through transdisciplinary collaboration involving environmental science and social science communities, it will define common metrics related to the different types of disasters, and how to measure, control and mitigate their impact.

The CORE project aims to build trust, credibility, and citizen engagement. It provides guidance and
recommendations for policymakers and society, distilling the project’s essence into actionable
advice. This begins with case studies from Europe and beyond, such as the L’Aquila earthquake in
Italy (2009), the Manchester Arena bombing in the UK (2017), the Venkatapuram industrial
accident in India (2020), the Aude region flash flooding in France (2018), the Great East Japan
earthquake and tsunami (2011), the Jerusalem wildfire in Israel (2021), and the Covid-19
pandemic (2020-2023).

In this webinar, CORE will present its main achievements, focusing on providing policymakers with relevant
considerations and lessons learned from these past case studies.

This webinar will appeal to a wide range of professionals and stakeholders, including policymakers, scientists and researchers, emergency response and public safety professionals, urban planners and infrastructure developers, community leaders and local government representatives, and citizens interested in disaster preparedness.

KnowEMS– This project is cofunded by the EU Civil protection knowledge network, in order to bring together EMS (Emergency Medical Services) from Europe and beyond. Thorough the network, webinars and small experts discussions, KnowEMS will allow EMS professionals to learn from one – other’s experience, discuss dilemmas, share opportunities for training and exchanges, and grow together. This is a unique experience, as there is no other platform that allows this regular networking and exchange for EMS.

The objective of the project is to create a forum where EMS senior officers will be able to connect, share and discuss.

In this webinar, the KnowEMS network will be presented as well as the topics that it regularly covers, such as challenges in EMS deployment during large gatherings, lessons learned from the Mass burns incident in Bucharest, the use of blood and FDP in pre-hospital settings, or EMS responses to mass shootings.


Presented by

Raffaella Russo

Raffaella Russo

Consultant at the University of Salerno
Raffaella Russo is a Senior Scientist and Senior Project Manager with a diverse professional background, presently consultant at University of Salerno. She has worked with various institutions, where she contributed to coordinating multiple H2020 and FP7 projects. Raffaella's expertise lies in several key areas: identifying factors influencing risk perception, developing indicators to assess the social and economic impact of hazardous events, and pinpointing socio-economic barriers to system resilience. She is actively engaged in various European and Italian projects, focusing on socioeconomic stressors, the social dimensions of trust, social acceptance, and evaluating the socio-economic implications of implementing new technologies across different sectors. Within the H2020 CORE project she is in the management team and key contact points of the project partners.
Paolo Capuano

Paolo Capuano

Associate Professor of Geophysics at the University of Salerno
Paolo Capuano, Associate Professor of Geophysics at the University of Salerno, is the coordinator of the H2020 CORE project "sCience and human factOr for Resilient sociEty". With an extensive experience in managing EU and Italian national funded projects, he has led several significant initiatives. Notably, he coordinated the H2020 SHEER project on shale gas exploitation and exploration, the PRIN MATISSE project funded by the Italian Ministry of Education and University, and the ARGO project funded by the Italian Government. Additionally, he was part of the project management team for the H2020 S4CE project on clean energy. Paolo Capuano's research interests include the environmental impact of climate change, probabilistic risk assessment and resilience, geophysical data analysis systems, and the inversion of geophysical data. He has authored over 100 scientific articles, edited two books, and served as a referee for numerous international scientific journals.

Chaim Rafalowski

Technical Coordinator of KnowEMS
Chaim Rafalowski has more than 30 years of experience in Magen David Adom Israel, the National EMS of Israel, serving in the training department and operations division.