June 26th: Resilient Digital Infrastructures for Emergency Management

Timely early warnings can reduce the damage caused by disasters by 30% if issued within 24 hours! But what happens when natural disasters cause major disruptions to telecom infrastructure, making rescue and relief efforts more challenging?
In this webinar, we will explore the critical role of secure and resilient digital infrastructures in enhancing real-time situational awareness and early warning systems for disaster management to save lives and reduce the impacts of disasters.

We will highlight:
Innovative solutions like disaster-handling virtual command centers (VCC), which improve operational efficiency, situational awareness, and mass alerting capabilities by integrating AI, autonomous networks (AN), and digital twins (DT) to provide a comprehensive real-time view of operations, assets, and infrastructure.

The International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) leadership in the “Warning Dissemination and Communication” pillar of the Early Warning For All (EW4A) initiative, focusing on last-mile connectivity to ensure timely alerts reach those at risk.

Join us to understand how cutting-edge technology and robust digital infrastructures are pivotal in building effective early warning systems that can significantly reduce the impact of disasters.