ETSI, in cooperation with the European Emergency Number Association (EENA), is organizing the fifth NG112 Emergency Communications remote Plugtests™ event to be held from 23 January to 3 February 2023 with the support of ETSI TC EMTEL.

The concept of “Next Generation 112” (NG112) has been identified as a potential answer to the increasing requirements and demands of content-rich emergency calling.

This fifth NG112 Emergency Communications Plugtests event will consist of remote lab testing based on the use cases developed by ETSI and EENA. It is a unique chance for vendors of emergency communication equipment to test their product against different implementations and scenarios.

In a nutshell

Next Generation emergency communications are changing the way we handle emergencies, making it possible for emergency services to receive more and different types of data. But for NG technology to be effective, it needs to be standardised and interoperable.

The NG112 Plugtests provide the unique opportunity for all stakeholders to trial the components along the full chain of NG112 emergency response. Through different scenarios and tests cases, the interoperability and conformity of market solutions were examined and validated. Components were trialled independently and jointly, involving all the different areas of NG communications.Testing included the interoperability between Next Generation eCall and NG112.


You can find the results of the fifth NG112 Emergency Communications Plugtests here.


The scope of the event covers features and components of the 112 communication chain (TS 103 479 and TS 103 480 which is a stable draft not published yet), such as:

  • NG112 call origination (VoIP, VoLTE, OTT Applications),
  • Conveyance of PIDF-LO (consumer mobile device through carrier network) by reference (LIS) and by value,
  • Location Refresh (SIP Methods),
  • Service Resolution (ECRF, Forest Guide),
  • Call Routing (including Policies),
  • ESInet peering (roaming scenarios),
  • Security mechanisms (mutual authentication traceable to CA allowing and disallowing certain actions based on credentials presented),
  • Termination of multimedia call (PSAP, CHE),
  • Accessibility (audio, video, real-time text and messaging),
  • NG eCall integration.

Registration Information

This event is open to NGCS vendors, Forest Guide developers, user agent, mobile app providers, and call handling vendors. Furthermore, any Government Body, Policy Maker or Local Authority is invited to attend as an Observer.

An Observers Programme may be organized for speakers to share their experience with NG112. Speakers are welcome!

Benefits of joining the NG112 plugtests