112 temporarily down due to outages

Emergency services were recently not accessible in different European countries for several hours at a time

Netherlands was struck last week by an important outage of the main telecommunications provider KPN.

This resulted in the 112 emergency number not being accessible during several hours. At least two people reportedly died because they were not able to contact the emergency services.

Similar disruptions recently occurred in other European countries, despite the availability of many different solutions to prevent this risk. In light with the recent events, EENA would like to insist on the importance of ensuring the continuity of emergency numbers and making sure that such problems will not happen in the future.

EENA is also taking actions to raise this issue to the European Commission.

For further information on what measures can be taken to respond to potential disruptions and to recover from these business disruptions and system failures, you can check our operations document on Contingency Plans for PSAPs on the RELATED DOCUMENTS sidebar.

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