International collaboration between emergency services that saves lives

Last February, Manchester resident Liisi Kadanik noticed her grandmother was struggling to breathe while on a video-call from Estonia. She immediately called 112, which managed to dispatch an ambulance in Estonia, all the way from the UK, saving her grandmother’s life.

This is just another great example of the lives that are saved thanks to the collaboration and shared efforts of emergency services cross-borders. But how is this co-operation enabled? Among others, through the use of the PSAP Directory.
A call to 112 will be received by the corresponding centre in the country where the call is placed, making it impossible for individuals to alert emergency services in a different country. The PSAP Directory is a secure website, accessed only by PSAPs and password-protected, where they can share their contact information and download that of PSAPs in other countries.

It is managed by the permanent office of the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications and Administrations (CEPT) and has so far received letters of registration from 19 countries and 18 PSAPs.

Learn more about the Directory and how PSAPs can gain access to it in the RELATED DOCUMENTS sidebar.

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