Emergency Communications & the EU Legislative Framework

How has recent legislation changed the handling of emergencies?

In our latest document, “Emergency Communications & the EU Legislative Framework” we provide the tools for countries to adopt the latest European legislation regarding the handling of emergency communications, offering also a comprehensive understanding of the past, current and future regulation.

On 14 November 2018, the entry into force of the European Electronic Communications Code marked a new milestone in the history of European legislation on 112.

This legislation introduces the concept of ‘emergency communications’, replacing ‘emergency calls’ in order to encompass the new information and communication technologies. Other provisions in the Code include the use of handset-derived information in the location information provided to the PSAP, the establishment of a telephone-based public warning system in order to alert the population of an ongoing crisis or an upcoming threat, and some improvements of the means by which people with disabilities can contact the emergency services.


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