EENA joins Paris Call for cybersecurity

The digital space, more simply known as “cyberspace”, has become a new place for economic opportunities and social transformations. And as the internet is now central to almost every aspect of our lives, cyber-attacks continue to threaten individuals and critical infrastructure with increasing frequency and sophistication.

Launched by the French government, the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace is a political declaration that will signal a global mobilization for the stability of cyberspace. This Call strengthens the work of the international community and of the many stakeholders involved in digital security.

With this Call, governments, industry and civil society are coming together to increase trust, security and stability in cyberspace. At EENA, we work to advance public safety by embracing all the opportunities new technologies bring, from Next Generation 112 to PEMEA, Advanced Mobile Location and many others. We believe that, for the safety of citizens, it is essential to ensure public safety services remain uninterrupted. To protect critical infrastructure and sensitive information, emergency services must implement appropriate and effective safeguards.

After the WannaCry ransomware attacks in 2017, EENA launched its Cybersecurity Working Group to help share best practices and develop a set of concrete, specific recommendations for emergency response organisations. The group held a dedicated webinar and published cybersecurity guidelines. The importance of this issue has been highlighted at the annual EENA Conference for several years and during the EENA Members Workshop 2018. Recommendations include the need to include cybersecurity as part of general risk assessment, train employees, implement technological solutions, and perform vulnerability tests and cyber incident exercises.

That is why we are proud to support this initiative that highlights the importance we place on the stability of cyberspace and our determination to work well with all parties to provide concrete solutions.

You can read the full text of the Paris call here and find more information on its website.

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