Norway Moves Forward With Real-Time Text (RTT) Plans

The National Communications Authority (Nkom) of Norway is working to ensure that Norway becomes the third country in the world to activate real-time text (RTT) in the mobile network. Now, they are encouraging Norwegian mobile network owners to prepare for the launch of the service as early as next year.

Real Time Text or RTT (Real Time Text) is a service that enables recipients to see what you are writing, while you are writing. This is a useful technology for emergency communications, particularly for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Today’s smartphones have support for real-time text, but to benefit from the service it must be activated in the mobile networks in each individual country. So far, this has only happened in the USA and Canada, following pressure from the authorities and user organisations. Nkom has taken the initiative with developers of mobile phones to implement real-time text in Norway, and mobile network owners are now being encouraged to activate the service.

This is a summary and translation of an article published by Nkom:

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