France Invests 700 Million Euros in 4G/5G Emergency Communications Network

The French Ministry of the Interior and Overseas Territories has selected the consortium led by Airbus and Capgemini to play the key integrator role in the Réseau Radio du Futur (RRF, or Radio Network of the Future) that is designed to provide public safety broadband services throughout France.

When completed, the RRF is expected to provide secure, prioritized 4G and 5G connectivity to support the modern communications needs — notably, in terms of data and video — of France’s security and emergency actors, according to the French ministry.

“With the RRF, France will acquire a very high-speed communication network (4G then 5G) common to all security and rescue actors, allowing them to communicate instantly with each other while benefiting from new features: video calls, live position sharing, sending electrocardiograms, etc.” according to a statement on the French ministry’s website.

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