We want to keep the conversation going about all aspects of public safety, whether it’s technology and operations, the key issues affecting citizens, or understanding the daily lives of emergency professionals. So we’ve gone ahead and created the EENA Blog !

We hope this will provide a space to share knowledge among our community & beyond. No matter your level of technical expertise in public safety topics, join us there!

Our latest articles:

Lifesaving chain of events: from an emergency call to help arriving on scene

We’re texting, calling & messaging throughout the day… but the most important call we make may be one to request help from emergency services. To make it possible for citizens to quickly get assistance, there’s a complex system in place in each country. What’s involved in the emergency response chain?… Read more

Keywords: emergency call centre operations, access to emergency services

Tomorrow’s ambulance – technology: ally or enemy?

Technology is changing the world at a breakneck speed. In this ‘global village’, where everything is intertwined and everyone can interact, challenges are increasing in different fields of society. The public safety sector is no exception: tech is ushering in a new era of emergency services.… Read more

Keywords: emergency call centre tech, next generation comms, on-scene tech

Cybersecurity: preparedness & prevention

Now more than ever, cybersecurity should be high on the priority lists of public safety organisations. We don’t just mean hospitals & technology providers, but all actors along the chain of emergency response. Making an organisation cyber secure may seem a daunting task, but implementing an effective prevention policy is essential… Read more

Keywords: cybersecurity, emergency call centre tech

We hope this blog will be a space for our community, so if you have ideas on topics we can cover or a proposal for an article, don’t hesitate to contact Rose at [email protected].