Freshly brewed by Marta Azevedo Silva

Coffee Break

The Portuguese people are famous for taking coffee breaks. In the morning, in the afternoon or at the end of the day. There are no rules.
Just between us, many times the expression “let’s have a coffee” is an excuse for us to pause and chitchat.
This is the objective of this newsletter: a triweekly energy boost on EENA’s updates and a recap of what happened in our community for you to read over a coffee. 

Too many fireworks? One more resolution? Let us know your thoughts at [email protected]

Whole latte love! ☕️
EENA’s latest work (homemade in our Belgian office)
Blog post: A systematic approach to maintaining a high “Stridsvärde”
Report: Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) – Global edition 2021. Read the abstract
Directory: Who is Who in the Public Safety Industry
Blog post: Ergonomics for emergency dispatchers

New Year’s Resolutions: Looking ahead
Upcoming EENA activities
– EENA Conference & Exhibition 2022 – registration will open soon!
– Document on TPSP and emergency services

New Year’s Eve: Looking back
Look back at our previous work
Call for nominations: 112 Awards 2022 – Call for applications extended! New Deadline: 10 January!
Document: Citizen Response to Cardiac Arrest – Blog post: ISCRAM: bridging the gaps between research and public safety

Initial takeaways from 2022 Latest hot news & events in the sector Venice Hancock joins EENA as Policy & Communications Assistant.
Laurie Flaherty, the longtime coordinator of the National 911 Program, retired. You can leave Laurie a few words of praise here.
28 January: Data Privacy Day. More information here.
ENGAGE blog post:  Why do we speak of societal resilience? Read here.

New Year’s Resolution, Quit Anything But our Coffee Break

What traditionally happens at midnight on new year’s Eve day?
– In Denmark people smash plates as it means good luck; ?
– In Brasil people eat lentils as this represents good fortune for the year ahead;?
– In Spain there is a tradition to eat one grape each time the clock strikes at midnight;?
– In Portugal there is a tradition to eat one raisin each time the clock strikes at midnight.

With so many different nationalities in our team, next year we will have to create a common tradition.
The EENA team wishes you a healthy and happy New Year!?