As technology continues to advance, emergency services must be prepared to receive different types of communications. This is where Next Generation 112 (NG112) steps in. The NG112 architecture provides a solid foundation, but decision-makers from public authorities need to take actions to make an end to end implementation possible. EENA has published a go-to document for stakeholders, which details the necessary actions and regulations.

“The document provides a step by step guide to implement the NG112 architecture, focusing on the key organisational steps rather than on the technical aspects. Although some of these steps need time to realise, it is important that countries start now with the implementation and pave the way for Next Generation emergency services,” commented Michael Pröstler, NG112 Expert (GridGears).

It is essential that public authorities and other actors move forward, as achieving an end to end implementation will have a direct impact on the quality of emergency response and the safety of citizens. Luca Bergonzi, EENA Tech and Ops Committee Co-chair, explained:“NG112 has the final goal of allowing real multimedia communications inside emergency management. Secondly, NG112 will introduce intelligent routing, which will not just guarantee precision on geolocating calls, but will also introduce a routing based on real-time crisis scenarios.”

The document will be accompanied by a webinar on 17 November at 15.00 CET exploring in detail the key milestones to be accomplished by emergency services, telecommunication network operators, public authorities, and other stakeholders.

“The current situation shows how important cross-national cooperation is. With a joint initiative for the implementation of NG112, we are enabling better cooperation in the field of emergency services and also laying the foundation for new ways of accessing emergency services throughout Europe,” highlighted Wolfgang Kampichler, EENA Tech and Ops Committee Co-chair.

Also, coming soon… a virtual event dedicated to NG112 will be held over a week in April 2021. Stay tuned for the exact dates and more info!