Presented on: 17 November 15:00 CET

In today’s fast-moving world of technology, including drones, the Internet of Things and 5G, emergency services must be prepared for emergency communications originating from different sources. Standards define the processes within the emergency services network, with the Next Generation 112 architecture providing the solid foundation for emergency services. However, all stakeholders need to take additional actions to benefit from an end to end implementation.

What steps need to taken to be fully prepared? This webinar explored in detail the key milestones to be accomplished by emergency services, telecommunication network operators, public authorities, and other stakeholders. The speakers explained the necessary actions and regulations to enable a full implementation of Next Generation emergency services.

This webinar is accompanied by EENA’s newly released document NG112 Implementation Steps.

Presented by

Luca Bergonzi

EENA Tech & Ops Committee Co-Chair (Beta80)

Wolfgang Kampichler

EENA Tech & Ops Committee Co-Chair (Frequentis)

Michael Pröstler

NG112 Expert (GridGears)