We are happy to introduce you to our brand new EENA tool:
The “Who-is-who in the Public Safety Industry” Website !

Access it now and discover more than 90 companies and organisations:

  • Emergency services looking for the best market overview of solution providers
  • Industry representatives looking for partners

COVID-19 posed countless challenges and led to the cancellation of numerous events around the world, including the EENA Conference and Exhibition 2020 and our Business Partners Networking Event.
In the face of this adversity, it was necessary to reinvent ourselves and find new ways to communicate.

What is the website for?

The objective of the website is to bridge communication between all stakeholders in the emergency services field and to become a reference for public safety professionals seeking an overview of solution providers and their products.

And that’s not all: with updates every 6 months, you can be certain you have the latest information on our website or even download it!

Find only what is relevant for you

In a more intuitive and interactive way, you can now see which the companies in the sector are and understand what solutions they provide – from eCall and CAD, to caller location and public warning. Over 30 areas of expertise are available to browse.

Access the website here

*Please note that this Who-is-Who only includes companies that are part of the EENA community.