17 January, 14:30 CET: Exchange of Data Between PSAPs

When an emergency requires the intervention of more than a single force, all parties need to know what is happening and where and to whom. Standardization is essential when integrating public safety information from diverse sources because senders and receivers need to understand each other. And when dealing with cross-border cooperation in emergency and crisis response activities, a complexity is added with the differences in languages and conventions.

This webinar shared a detailed overview of two European examples: Ireland and Spain. How do they tackle the exchange of data between PSAPs in their country? What recommendations can they give from their experiences? This webinar will give you an enhanced knowledge of data sharing between PSAPs and inspiration for your own services.



EENA Document: Data Sharing Between Emergency Services

Presented by

Iratxe Gomez web

Iratxe Gomez Susaeta

Vice Chair, EENA Tech & Ops Committee
With and IT background but a rather functional / operational orientation, Iratxe is currently the presales manager of Global Emergency Management Solutions, within the Command & Control and Intelligence area which is part of the Mission Critical Systems unit at Atos. With over 10 years of experience as international consultant in public safety, she is also one of the Atos Experts in the Telecom & Networks domain, more precisely in the Next Generation Emergency Technologies subdomain (NG112 & NG911). She is a familiar face for the EENA community, first as member of the Advisory Board and committees since 2008 and then as co-chair of the Operations Committee in 2015 and 2016, authoring multiple publications and being a speaker in several conferences, and then also as the EENA Operations Director, before returning to Atos in 2018. In her spare time she is a volunteer at VOST Europe, being one of the Community Managers and liaising with international teams, and she is based in Bilbao (northern Spain).

Ciaran Moynihan

Vice Chair, EENA Tech & Ops Committee