To be held on: 21 October, 15:00 CEST

In many European countries, there are non-emergency numbers running alongside the emergency number (or numbers). These numbers may be used, for instance, to provide medical advice to patients, to direct people towards the correct service, or to provide general information in times of crisis.

In this webinar, we will explore the systems in place in different European countries, the role of each dedicated number and how non-emergency numbers are managed. What are the benefits of having a non-emergency number in place? What challenges may be faced and how are they overcome? This webinar aims to provide the knowledge for countries to learn from different systems and to share best practices.

presented by

Björn Skoglund

Björn Skoglund

Business Developer/Service owner of 112 and Crisis Management, SOS Alarm, Sweden
Sweden has a long tradition of non-emergency numbers. Today, there are numbers for non-emergency police matters, for health care advice and for general information around serious accidents and crises. Bjorn will give a general overview of these non-emergency numbers in Sweden, present their benefits and also explain how they can be of great help in a crisis like COVID-19.

Christof Chwojka

Director, Notruf Niederösterreich, Lower Austria, Austria
There is a growing number of specialisations and an expansion of job offers in the health care system, increasing tasks of the staff whilst there are also simultaneous staff shortages and the steady aging of society. Consequently, there is a need to control and master how the next steps are forwarded to a person who calls for help. During his presentation, Christof will focus mainly on the management of non-emergency numbers and how these can improve the guidance and advice given to people calling the rescue coordination center.

Marko Nieminen, Liisa Salminen & representative from Medical Helpline 116 117

Director ERC Services + Representative of Kerava ERC + Medical Helpline 116 117, Finland
The co-operation between Medical Helpline 116 117 and Emergency Response Center Agency 112 in Finland is another example of non-emergency numbers running alongside emergency number(s) . In their presentation, speakers will explain what the Medical Helpline 116 117 is, what it is used for and what is the service model of both numbers working longside each other.

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