To be held on: 28 June, 16:00 CEST

Advanced Mobile Location (AML) is now widely used by emergency services in Europe and has already contributed to save many lives.

Android Emergency Location Service (ELS), which is Google’s implementation of AML is based on two transmission methods: SMS and HTTPS, in accordance with ETSI technical specifications 103 625.

HTTPS has no size constraints and allows emergency services to receive additional data in the AML message, such as the altitude of the caller and the language of the caller’s handset. However, due to high incidences of missing MSISDN in the HTTPS message (which makes it hard to match the AML message with the communication), many authorities rely exclusively on SMS.

In this webinar, speakers will present how it is possible to maximise the benefits of AML by using both transmission methods SMS and HTTPS in the most efficient way.

presented by


Henning Schmidtpott

IT Manager, Integrated Control Centre of Freiburg, Germany

Alastair Breeze

ELS Tech Lead, Google