What is the 112 Awards Ceremony?

The 112 Awards Ceremony rewards outstanding individuals and organisations mainly engaged in improving public safety across Europe.

The 112 Awards Ceremony celebrates modern-day heroes. From incredible rescues and inspirational acts by citizens and emergency services, to public safety innovations and the use of technology for good, we reward those going beyond the expected to help people in danger. 

Call for applicants

In 2023, the winners will be honoured at the 112 Awards Ceremony, organised in conjunction with the EENA Conference & Exhibition 2023 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.




This year, we want to put amazing people first, giving awards centered around their story. That’s why we are asking you to nominate a person or an organisation and choose yourself an award title according to the story


Please fill in the online form and submit it before 28 October 2022. The final selection will be made by EENA team and awardees will be notified as soon as possible.

If you are nominating a person or organisation, you should include your own details in the online form. The details of the nominee should be included in the Application Description.

Why apply to the 112 Awards?

  • When someone does incredible work, they deserve to have their achievement recognized!
  • Celebrating accomplishments will inspire others to contribute to improving public safety.
  • To raise awareness of the incredible work done by the emergency services chain everyday.
  • Ljubljana is an amazing city green city and an opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world !