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NG112: Embracing innovation in today's emergency communications

Technological developments and consumer preferences are driving the uptake of new and innovative means for communicating with family, friends and colleagues. More and More, citizens also expect to be able to use these modern means of communication to reach emergency services. This trend, coupled with new legal requirements on accessibility for people with disabilities, requires emergency services stakeholders to adapt and to embrace innovation and transformational change in today’s emergency communications.

This is where Next Generation 112 steps in. NG112 is about making it possible forcitizens to send, and for emergency services to receive, not just voice, but location information, realtime text, photos, video calls and other data.

In order to assist as many emergency services as possible to move to NG112, EENA has decided to dedicate this virtual event to “NG112: from theory to reality“, which took place during 3 days from 27 to 29 April 2021.

What was discussed?

During three consecutive afternoons, we explained what NG112 is, why it can meet the requirements of today’s emergency services and citizens and how it can be implemented. Experiences from existing NG112/NG911 deployment projects were discussed, as well as the next steps on the road to widescale deployment in Europe explored.

See the programme HERE to find out all the NG112 related topics discussed!

Event Material

Perhaps you couldn’t make it or perhaps there was just too much info to take in all in one go! Either way, here are all the presentations and sessions recording.

Presentations recording

Day 1 - 27 April

Part 1: Addressing today’s needs with NG112

Moderation: Cristina Lumbreras, Technical Director, EENA

  • Presentation by Luca Bergonzi, Co-chair, EENA Technical & Operational Committee

Part 2 : Addressing today’s needs with NG112

  • Presentation by Wolfgang Kampichler, Co-chair, EENA Technical & Operational Committee
  • Presentation by Michael Pröstler, NG112 expert


Day 2 - 28 April

Part 1 : Experiences of implementing NG112 in EU

Moderation: Freddie McBride, Director of Digital Communications Policy and Regulation, EENA

Presentation of the NexSIS Project in France by Michel Monneret, Director, Digital Agency for Civil Protection (ANSC), France

Implementing Next Generation 112 in Romania by Sorin Vasilca, Deputy Director, Special Telecommunications Service (STS), Romania

Part 2 : Experiences of implementing NG911 in US

• Implementation of Next Generation 911 in
Connecticut (United States) by 
William Youell, Director, Office of Statewide Emergency Telecommunications, State of Connecticut, USA 

• Implementation of Next Generation 911 in California (United States) by Budge Currier, 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Branch Manager, Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, State of California, USA

Day 3 - 29 April

Part 1 : Next steps on implementing NG112

Moderation: Benoit Vivier, Public Affairs Manager, EENA 

• Implementing Next Generation 911 in Canada
– A regulator’s perspective by 
Etienne Robelin, Manager, Emergency Services, Canada Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Canada

Part 2 : Next steps on implementing NG112

Who should do what to implement Next Generation 112 and when? by

Cristina Lumbreras, Technical Director, EENA

Freddie McBride, Director of Digital Communications Policy and Regulation, EENA