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In this new weekly EENA newsletter, we want to bring you the latest news, resources, information, guidelines, tools and much more that could help support the work of emergency services facing the COVID-19 challenge in Europe and beyond. You can find hereunder all the different editions:

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FOCUS ON: Korean Response to COVID-19

The Republic of Korea has successfully battled the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, as one of the first countries worldwide to flatten the curve of cases and infections.

We were joined for a webinar yesterday by Ji Young Lee (Epidemiological Intelligence Officer, KCDC), who presented the current COVID-19 situation and the country’s response measures then and now.

Access now a recording and materials to find more about:

– Distribution of cases by clusters and chains of transmissions (including the most recent outbreak)
– Key response measures and deployment along with the progress of outbreaks
– Early detection, treatment and care systems
– Lab testing, contact tracing, and border screenings for new arrivals in the country
– Social distancing and communicating with the public
– Lessons learnt from the 2015 MERS outbreak



  • Webinar: Republic of Korea’s response to COVID-19
    Analysis from the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC). Access a recording and materials here.
  • Document: Tackling COVID-19: Health, Quarantine and Economic Measures of South Korea, ROK Ministry of Economy and Finance (MOEF)
  • Document: Policing under and against COVID-19 in South Korea, Korean National Police Agency
  • Document: Collaborative Coalition for International Public Safety’s (CC:IPS) Global Recommendations for Emergency Services Organisations
    during the COVID-19 outbreak


Webinars – Find them all here


  • EENA & Twitter: Crisis Communications Webinar, presented on 8 May. Access the recording and materials here.
  • Austrian emergency medical calls during COVID-19, presented on 4 May. Access the recording and materials here.
  • Role of tech platforms around COVID-19, presented on 30 April.
  • How disinformation & cyberthreats affect emergency services during COVID-19 outbreak, presented on 6 April. Access the recording and materials here.
  • Data and strategies on emergency calls & public warning during COVID-19 outbreak, presented on 27 March. Access the recording and materials here.


Resources for emergency services – Find them all here
Most recent:


Private initiatives in support of emergency services
Many companies and platforms worldwide are developing specific initiatives and opening their resources to help support the fight against COVID-19. At EENA, we are compiling these and making them accessible for emergency services here.



  • Emergency communications predictions for a post-COVID worlds – SecurityInfoWatch
  • 8 types of data: Telling the story of COVID-19 – EMS1
  • Factbox: The race to deploy COVID-19 contact tracing apps – Reuters
  • As pandemic threatens budgets, 911 services begin scaling back – StateScoop


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