In this page you will find different tools, initiatives, resources and more that companies and organisations worldwide are developing to support emergency services in the fight against COVID-19.

We will continue updating this site regularly with new information. If your company is currently offering any solution, initiative or resources, and you wish to have it promoted, please get in touch with Marta Azevedo Silva at [email protected].

CoVID-19 Tools & Initiatives for emergency services

These tools are offered free of charge to first responders, emergency services, public authorities

To help emergency providers and public-sector organizations during the lockdown and afterwards, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is offering 3-months free licences of the GDPR and HDS-compliant collaboration tool (Rainbow), the IP Desktop Softphone (perfect for treating large call volumes remotely), and secure network access from home with a 1-year free licence for cloud network management for the purchase of one wi-fi access point.

– Business Continuity in English here
– Business Continuity in French here
– Business Continuity in German here

Solution details:
– 3-month free Rainbow Enterprise licenses:
           – English here
           – French here
           – German here
           – Spanish here
           – Italian here
           – Portuguese here

– IP Desktop Softphone (only 3 languages so far, the others will follow shortly):
           – English here
           – French here
           – German here

– Secure remote network access (1-month free cloud network management license for the purchase of one wi-fi access point):
           – English here
           – French here
           – German here
           – Spanish here
           – Italian here
           – Portuguese here

Other resources:
OpenTouch Notification Services to enhance situational awareness and centralize alarm management:
         – English here
         – French here
         – German here
         – Spanish here

– Blogs:
          – Rethinking crowd satefy
          – Avoid panic and costs during a crisis
          – Free ways to collaborate remotely

Contact person: Fatima Elleouet, [email protected] , +33298285109

Added on 21 April

Start a free trial and experience the improved efficiency with your team.

  • Share your data (voice, pictures, video etc.) with right people at a right time – securely
  • Expand and modify teams easily
  • Collaborate across organisations
  • Fast deployment over the Internet to smartphones and computers

Agnet 500 is a secure group communications service for professionals. It does not require any hardware installations but only a monthly Agnet 500 subscription for the user organisation. You can then access the service with Agnet Work app on your Android or iOS device or via a web browser. The Agnet Work app is available for download in the Google Play and Apple Store.

More information here. 

Contact person: Ari Massa, [email protected]

Added on 8 April

In the context of COVID, the specifically created application allows to :

– Monitor the health status of first responders through a daily questionnaire
– Facilitate and personalize monitoring through tele-consultations with nurse and doctor
– Preventing contagion in fire and rescue centers
– Ensure resource availability

More information here. 

Contact person: Jerome BOURREAU CEO – Anamnèse – [email protected] & Thibaut REFFAY – Founder – Atraksis – [email protected] +336 08 57 59 28

Added on 3 April

  1. Dial-In Recording Service

ASC Dial-In Recording Service enables employees of governmental or other public authorities who work remote or from home to record and archive calls from any device – fixed-line phone, mobile phone or services of collaboration tools. If a conversation needs to be legally recorded, the user activates the cloud recording system using a defined dial-in number. The recording can be paused and restarted during the call. When the conversation has ended, the part that must be recorded is saved in the ASC neo cloud. The data is stored counterfeit-proof, in accordance with existing laws and is available for search and replay.

2. ASC Recording Insights

ASC Recording Insights is an app for compliance recording integrated in Microsoft Teams. It captures and stores all communication via Teams in Microsoft Azure, allowing you to comply with legal requirements in different sectors (e.g. HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in the Healthcare sector). Analysis functionalities help evaluate all recorded data. Communication content can be translated, transcribed, categorized, extracted, tagged without human involvement. In times of high risk of infection, restrictions on going out and overloaded hospitals, advice from a distance is a reasonable action to take.


Contact person: John Fountain, Product Manager, [email protected]

Added on 24 April

Avaya are committed to help existing customers and prospects working through Covid-19. This is the landing page for the overall offerings.

  • Avaya Spaces: Cloud-based video conferencing, available for free to education and eligible nonprofit organizations through August 31st, 2020
  • Avaya Spaces: Cloud-based video conferencing, free 60-day trial available to everyone
  • Avaya Remote Worker licences, free 90-day complimentary licenses for all existing Avaya customers:
  • Avaya Contact Center Remote Agent licences, free 90-day complimentary licenses for all existing Avaya customers
  • For existing Avaya Healthcare customers: Complimentary Avaya solutions are available to help you manage patient inquiries, community outreach, care team communications, and temporary work locations

Contact person: Markus Bornheim; [email protected]

Added on 3 April

Bannersnack, an all-in-one collaborative design platform, is giving away 90 days of free full access to team plans for all NGOs involved in the fight against COVID-19. To request the free Team Plan for 90 days, NGOs are encouraged to email Bannersnack at [email protected] with the subject line “NGO Fighting COVID-19”, mentioning their industry.  

More information here.

Contact person: Ioana Ciobanu, PR at Bannersnack, [email protected]

Added on 17 April

The COVID-19 outbreak revolutionized the way 112 Call takers respond to emergency calls. 112 Lombardy decided to implement a new phone interview filter for Call Takers, to help them determining the nature of emergency calls. Thanks to the flexibility of the Beta 80 CAD, the new filter was configured in the software a matter of hours, ready to be used by call takers and monitoring its performances. AREU declared that, with the implementation of this filter, they went from the unsustainable 10-mins waiting time because of the COVID-19 call burst, to the more sustainable 12-seconds average call waiting time.

PSAP creation in less than 24 hours

To help 112 and EMS dispatching PSAPs redirecting non-emergency calls, Beta 80 delivered three new PSAPs for the Lombardy emergency service system: two EMS dispatching and one call-answering toll-free call taking PSAP. While the first two were implemented to help support the EMS dispatchers by taking charge of low-severity incidents, and letting EMS PSAPs concentrating only on high-severity cases, the toll-free PSAP became a knowledge database for anything COVID-19 related, receiving more than 48.000 calls in one day. Beta 80 delivered these new structures in less than 24 hours, thanks to a reliable and fast-deployment web-based infrastructure.

E-learning for dispatchers

Since the creation of the new PSAPs in Lombardy for EMS and toll-free information, AREU Lombardy needed to train new personnel, taken from the medical volunteers who acted as medical advisors or dispatchers in these PSAPs. As the lockdown also hit Beta 80, the company re-organized in a matter of seconds its typical training methods and was able to deliver training to more than 80 people from an e-learning platform. A few hours were enough to create new independent professionals, who could use and master the user-friendly CAD commands and protocols.

More information on all tools here.

Contact person: Luca Bergonzi, [email protected], +393487447059

Added on 6 April

112eye delivers Professional Distancing Technology to enable Emergency Services to triage calls and deploy resources more effectively whilst promoting responder and public safety using live video streaming and texting services

More information here, here and here.
Informational video (using 911eye branding)

Contact person: Nick Oliver, [email protected], +447725159067

Added on 3 April

Carbyne has developed a COVID-19 platform that enables emergency call centers to have pre-set questions by which they can categorize COVID-19 related callers and, therefore, provide heat maps that enables municipalities to see a concentration of COVID-19 calls and better allocate resources.

In addition, this solution is an add-on to Carbyne’s existing platform, which enables live video sessions, instant chat, and AML. Therefore, enabling remote assessment and remote triaging not only increases the safety of first responders and reduces unnecessary overload in hospitals, it also helps contain the spread of the COVID-19 as it helps eliminate unnecessary travel.
Find more information on this video and access it here.
Added on 27 April

Contact person: Moti Elkaim, [email protected]

Cestel developed a hardware solution (Clean Call) to fight against the spread of COVID-19, focusing on a crucial aspect: the importance of taking care of people in environments (emergency services, airports, contact centers, etc.) in which electronic equipments such as headset, walkie-talkies, etc. are shared.

Cestel’s Clean Call guarantees disinfection of headsets, walkie-talkies and small electronic devices without harmful chemicals or the use of high temperatures.

CleanCall’s UV radiation (with a specific wave range), destroy pathogens microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses’ DNA chains

Currently, organizations like: 112 Canary Islands, 061 Balearic Islands or ENAIRE  (Control Towers of Spain main airports) are using Clean call in order to ensure disinfection of shared devices like headset or walkie-talkies. Some Museums like Museo Casa de Alba are also using CleanCall to sterilize audio guides

Clean Call in action at the following links:

More information here. 

Contact person: Fernando Ortiz. [email protected] +34 666 480 572 ; David Tallada. [email protected] +34 639 994 760

Added on 15 April

Corti proposes to put its AI and skills at your disposal to support your organization’s effort in effectively battling the COVID-19 epidemic. We have built an AI-enabled platform that effectively and very accurately identifies callers displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

We are offering the following AI-powered solutions to emergency medical services worldwide:

Monitor Patients at Home

Artificial Intelligence-based self-assessment and Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Pandemic Foresight at Your Fingertips

Map and monitor the spread of infection with artificial intelligence

Reduce the Risk When Triaging Patients

Standardize your patient interviews and questioning with artificial intelligence

More information here.

Contact person: Sebastian Slej, [email protected], +45 53649032

Added on 3 April

License Free Location Services in the fight against COVID-19.
Access it here

Added on 23 March

Deveryware facilitates emergency management to combat the spread of COVID-19, by using its “POCRISC” platform for the coordination of damage assessments after a disaster, developed within the European Cross-border Cooperation Programme POCTEFA 2014-2020.

It provides a technological tool which connects users and relevant authorities to help them achieve their goals for purposes like :

  • coordinating delivery of food and medicine distribution
  • assessing old people’s homes and managing incidents
  • traffic flow to businesses and disinfection programmes.

Currently, Civil Protection of the Provincial Council of Malaga (Spain) has opted for its use. Deveryware grants a license for free use to emergency administrations and services.

More information here and here.

You can find pictures here.

Contact person:
(International) Francisco Martínez, POCRISC Project manager, [email protected], +34 649 77 32 60 ; (France) Christian Sommade, Resiliency Director, [email protected] , +33 (0)6 71 60 98 20

Added on 3 April

Esri is providing free licensing for 6 months to qualified Governments and Organizations working on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Go to this website to access the COVID-19 data, resources and application for Disaster Response Support (Free licensing and support).

University Students can also get free Esri software along with training. This was done to support students who are no longer able to study at school and are doing so from home. More information here. 

Contact person: Mike King; [email protected]; 1-801-698-2750 & Francisco Nobre; [email protected]; +44 (0) 7789 987296

Added on 3 April

The Everbridge Public Warning Platform has been instrumental to countrywide communications during COVID-19 supporting mobile phone alerts to the entire population in Norway, Iceland, Greece, The Netherlands, New Zealand and across the USA.
We are able to provide immediate help to governments at National, State or Local level with a set of rapid deployment options for public warning during the coronavirus pandemic. Contact us for information.

More information here. 

Contact person: Kirsty Grant, [email protected] , + 44 (0) 7901 590 051


White Paper: “Effective Public Communication During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Access it here

Added on 28 September

White Paper: “What does it cost to build an in-house Public Warning Service front end?”

Access it here

Added on 28 September

Supporting emergency services and government organizations during COVID-19
Access it here

Added on 20 March

Interactive Web Map Service (WMS) displaying Coronavirus spatial data from Johns Hopkins University
Access it here

Added on 20 March

To assist local and national governmental organizations as well as non-profits, Hexagon is making its aerial imagery library of the United States and Europe freely available to aid in managing the COVID-19 outbreak.

Access it here

Added on 24 March

 COVID-19 Resources for Science, Citizens and Governments

To meet the global challenge of COVID-19, the world must come together. IBM has resources to share — like supercomputing power, virus tracking and an AI assistant to answer citizens’ questions.

Explore the resources here

Contact person:

Bill Josko, WW AI & Cognitive Infrastructure Client Success Leader, [email protected], +1-609-313-3294

Added on 21 April


Call for Code developer competition – COVID-19 track

COVID-19 has revealed limits of the systems we take for granted, compromising our health, our planet, and our survival. We’ve expanded the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge to take on COVID-19, while we remain steadfastly committed to combating climate change. Developers and problem solvers: submit your open source solutions by April 27th for early deployment and to make an immediate and lasting impact.

Find technical resources here and Official contest details and partnership opportunities here.

Contact person: Daniel Krook, CTO, Call for Code (@DanielKrook on Twitter)

Added on 14 April

SMS-To-Video is the world’s fastest video conference system. It just takes an sms from the health care professional to the patient and a videolink is established.

The system has been used throughout Denmark and Norway in the emergency services, but during the corona outbreak our free offer means that more than 2000 doctors now have access to this simple and fast solution in Denmark and Norway. 

In Spain we are helping Servicio de Salud de Castilla-La Mancha in the fight against COVID-19 by providing the solution.

More information here

Contact person: Thomas Baun, [email protected]

Added on 22 April

– 112 service online consultation during COVID-19
Providing consultation service. Experience in the field of 112 for 25 years. How to create networked multifunctional 112-centres whose resilience to crisis is far higher than the separate systems. Effective resource use, tailor made 112-system for each country, crisis hotline for all agencies, intelligent IT systems, involvement of volunteers etc.

EENA award in 2016 for creating the 112 system in Estonia

Ongoing work –112-project in Ukraine

More information here

Contact person: Eva Rinne, [email protected], +372 5038112, skype eva.rinne1

Added on 6 April

Contact Tracing is a medical-epidemiological method used to combat dangerous contagious diseases. It is the process of identifying, assessing, and managing people who have been exposed to a disease. moPS CTrace is a mobile platform to comprehensively support “Contact Tracing” in different context. moPS Ctrace combines concepts and methods, mobile services and state of the art security for supporting field operations and workforce management for contact tracing.

It is a scalable solution which can be established immediately for any disease outbreak, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, moPS CTrace can be adapted and configured to obey any international or national guidelines and legal obligations.  

More information here and on the video here.

Contact person:

Sebastian Stepfer, [email protected], +49 172 8315 37

Added on 7 April

Mea:Connexus is a blockchain enabled video communications and engagement platform to provide immutable records of your interviews and meetings. It enables you to communicate and engage with multiple video meeting participants to ensure that interpreters, family, support organisations and others are able to connect remotely and provide the collaboration you require.

Mea:Connexus is completely platform agnostic solution with no need to download applications or even install technology within the customers local IT infrastructure. Just log on and use…it’s that simple!

More information here

Contact person: Dr Amanat Hussain; [email protected]; +44 1908 470888

Added on 3 April

The Covid-19 pandemic has overwhelmed national emergency telephone lines all over the world, and many call handlers are being forced to work from home.

LivePerson’s conversational AI platform can deflect Covid-19 related calls from the emergency telephone systems and connect callers via standard whatsapp or SMS on their phone. The call handlers can then “message” with the callers in a secure, rich-media digital platform – free from the background noise of voice calls – and also handle more than one conversation at a time – just like they do with their friends and family today.

The service can be provided in local language, and the intelligent use of bots, AI and automation combined with the human touch of an agent, can provide callers with timely, consistent advice and assistance. The 3 minute short video demonstrates the solution

More information here

Contact person: Raj Dosanjh. [email protected]. +44 771 558 3311

Added on 3 April

In response to COVID-19, Microsoft have made a series of resources freely available.

More information here

Crisis Communication App Template – Access it here

Added on 19 March

Active EIDS & Protocol 36 Training

For the MPDS user, we are happy to announce the release of an interactive training opportunity for the Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance (EIDS) tool and Protocol 36 (Pandemic/Epidemic/Outbreak) tool. With this web-based training, you’ll get the administrative and user-level knowledge needed to configure and use these tools.

The two, 2-hour online sessions will include:

  • Protocol 36 and EIDS Tool structure, function, and usage.
  • Demonstration of the System Administration Utility configuration.
  • Links to additional COVID-19 pandemic information, including PIO materials.

Contact person:  Adam Hinckley, VP Sales & Marketing, Priority Dispatch, [email protected]

Added on 20 April


ProQA COVID-19 Special Release

Protocol 26

  • Determinant Code 26-A-12 “Coronavirus illness (suspected)” changed back to “Possible meningitis.”
  • New Suffix “C = Suspected coronavirus illness” added (question may be disabled in Admin).

Protocol 36

  • Entire protocol now refers to “flu-like” symptoms and diseases rather than just “flu.”
  • Separate KQ pathway created for COVID-19, old suffixes updated to be COVID-19 specific, new suffixes created for other disease outbreaks, and AI sections have been updated for COVID-19.

Protocols 6, 10, 13, & 26

  • Added the ability to auto-launch the EIDS Tool if the KQ is enabled.

Protocols C, Yc:

  • Wording changes have been made to accomplish breathing evaluation in compliance with the new COVID-19-specific resuscitation guidelines that recommend not placing the rescuer’s face next to the patient’s face to evaluate breathing.

Contact person:  Ron McDaniel, President, Priority Dispatch, [email protected]

Added on 20 April

Priority Dispatch and its partners are offering a customizable, turnkey solution—the COVID-19 Assessment, Tracking & Triage (CATT) tool. Using a simple interface, CATT helps manage the influx on EMS so that callers with the most urgent, emergent symptoms can be prioritized, then provides clear direction on what to do next. It can also be customized by local officials and medical control to include directions, warning signs, and resources. The entire CATT experience can even be branded and embedded as a seamless experience for your citizens. The tool is available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Dutch, with more languages added in the days and weeks ahead.

More information here

Contact person:

Ron McDaniel, President, Priority Dispatch, [email protected]                    

Dr. Conrad Fivaz, Director, ECNS, Priority Solutions, [email protected]

Added on 20 April

MDPS Protocol 36

If COVID-19, or any pandemic outbreak, has a large enough impact as to overwhelm the emergency system, emergency dispatch and response agencies will also lose personnel to illness or quarantine. If these events occur, agencies can use Protocol 36 Pandemic / Epidemic / Outbreak (Surveillance or Triage). This protocol is designed to only be used when an agency has made the decision to alter or diminish EMS responses in general or to a specific subset of patients (e.g. those with flu-like symptoms) that do not present with more immediately life-threatening conditions. This will act as in initial triage of patients to reduce immediate response criteria within an overburdened or understaffed emergency response system.

More information here and here.

Contact person: Brian Dale, Associate Director, Medical Control, IAED, [email protected]

Added on 20 April


Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance (EIDS) Tool

The EIDS Tool in ProQA has been modified to deal specifically with the COVID-19 outbreak, giving agencies the ability to add up to five (5) additional questions and/or (5) additional instructions as approved by the Medical Director.

More information here and here.

Contact person: Adam Hinckley, VP Sales & Marketing, Priority Dispatch, [email protected]

Added on 20 April


Emergency Dispatch in the COVID Outbreak Facebook Group

Be sure to join the Emergency Dispatch in the COVID Outbreak Facebook group. The IAED created this group to provide access to the latest information from protocol and medical experts, and to be a question and answer forum for any operational questions about the EIDS tool, Protocol 36, and any other COVID-19 ProQA enhancements.

More information here.

Contact person: Brian Dale, Associate Director, Medical Control, IAED, [email protected]

Added on 20 April

In this free webinar, RapidSOS Public Safety Community Engagement Manager Tracy Eldridge and “Within The Trenches” podcast host Ricardo Martinez address important mental health matters associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and how telecommunicators can take care of themselves while navigating this trying time. We are all in this together and we hope you find this information valuable.

More information here (register to access the webinar recording).

Contact person: Grace Yan, [email protected]

Added on 3 April

Unique Care is the digital answer to the organisational challenges of Out-of-Hours Services (116-117) and to the workload of Healthcare Centres. His bi-directional integration and synergy with certified interview protocols make it strategic for the filling of specific questionnaires, such as those for Covid-19.

Unique Care can also provide this service via specific App, this allows to identify any outbreaks of infection among the population, without violating people’s privacy.

This allows remote monitoring of the COVID-19 patient’s state of health, but also routine operations for non-infected patients, with the aim of helping the decrease in overall cases in the community.

More information here

Contact person: Michele Biolè, [email protected] , +39 335 580 7971

Added on 3 April

“Salute!” is the voice messenger, works like a walkie-talkie: chat with everyone who is nearby (~10-15 km), with friends only or send message to users directly

Salute! provides:
– Push-to-Talk dialogue for everyone who are in the same area without the need to exchange contact information in advance. Like shortwave radio, but on the smartphone. This Is much easier than in a simple messenger (like WhatsApp), which requires personal acquaintance and knowledge of phone number

– possibility for volunteers to receive requests for help from people nearby. It will increase the efficiency of volunteers. Volunteers are very mobile peoples and need receive and send messages which relevant to his place.

– sending messages to residents of specific urban areas – not for the entire population of the city, but for people living in a particular are.

It is also possible to implement a web interface for sending messages around a point marked on the map.

More information here
You can download the app on Google Play here.

Contact person: Andrey Toloknov, Marketing Director, [email protected]

Added on 6 April

Disaster Response Program
Access it here

Added on 30 March

Free Visualization Tool to Help Coordinators on the Front Lines
Access it here

Added on 23 March