Coffee Break

Freshly brewed by Marta Azevedo Silva
The Portuguese people are famous for taking coffee breaks. In the morning, in the afternoon or at the end of the day. There are no rules.
Just between us, many times the expression “let’s have a coffee” is an excuse for us to pause and chitchat.
This is the objective of this newsletter: a triweekly energy boost on EENA’s updates and a recap of what happened in our community for you to read over a coffee. 
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EENA’s latest work (homemade in our Belgian office)

Press release: Finnish & Italian apps join the PEMEA network.
Press release: EECC implementation deadline: AML & Accessibility.
Document: Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) – Global edition 2020. Read the abstract here.
Webinar: Drones for public safety: a global perspective. Access the recording and materials here.
– Best practices: The Collaborative Coalition of International Public Safety (CC:IPS) shared worldwide best practices on the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover the first lesson here & the second lesson here.
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Upcoming EENA activities
– 23 February (15.00 CET): Webinar on emergency communications reforms in Romania. To be presented by 112 Romania, Special Telecommunications Service (STS). Add to Calendar
Coming soon:
– 22 February – 5 March: Next Generation 112 Plugtests 2021 (virtual event). EENA, ETSI and NENA invite all interested vendors that have a stake in improving global access to emergency services to participate in this first intercontinental interoperability testing event.
You must register separately with ETSI and NENA as a participant of both events. You can register for the NG112 Plugtests here. For the ICE 9 event, please email Delaine Arnold at NENA.
Save the date:
27-29 April: NG112: from theory to reality (virtual event). The event is free of charge and open to all, including public authorities, telecommunication regulators, emergency services PSAPs, solution providers and also EU officials & stakeholders. Add to Calendar
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Look back at our previous work
Document: Emergency call handling service chain description. 
EENA Tech & Public Safety Programme: This programme intends to offer a platform where developers can present their products and get feedback from emergency services on their new solutions.
Webinar: Public Warning. Access the recording and materials here.
Take-away? ?
Latest hot news & events in the sector 
3-4 February: ICRC Health Care in Danger Eurasia Regional Meeting. This event aims to provide a forum to allow stakeholders to share experineces and develop/reinforce local and national partnerships to prevent and reduce the impact of violence against health care. Find out more here.
– The European Commission published the new report on disaster risks in the EU. Access the full report here.
22 February: European Day for Victims of Crime 2021
ENGAGE Project (H2020) survey: We invite practitioners (emergency services/NGOs/authorities/policy makers) to participate in a short online survey that ENGAGE (H2020 project) is conducting.
To participate in the survey, you have to be from one of the following 7 countries in the project – Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Israel, Italy, and Romania.
The survey will enable ENGAGE partners to know what practitioners need from society to handle crises & to point out the gaps in the crisis management process.
Deadline to fill in the survey: 8 February

Coffee Facts

“Legend has it than an Ethiopian herdsman named Kaldi discovered the coffee plant circa 850 A.D.
As the tale goes, his goats became crazily energetic after nibbling on the small, red fruit of a bush.”

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