Our ‘NG112 virtual event: From theory to reality‘ came to an end last week, after 3 half-days of insightful discussions and shared experiences from both sides of the Atlantic on the implementation of the Next Generation 112 (NG112). We were thrilled to gather about 350 participants worldwide around this technological solution. This makes us believe that we are going in the right direction to bring the digital transformation to public safety in the next years.

Perhaps you couldn’t make it? Or perhaps it was just too much info to take in one go! Either way, we are happy to announce that the post-event materials (presentations & sessions recording) are now available on our website.

What was there to learn?

  • NG112 creates more efficient response and improve citizens’ safety
  • NG112 needs to be implemented NOW (and it’s ready to be!)
  • Several countries in Europe and the USA have already led the way, and we took note of their recommendations
  • NG112 Education Programme will start soon (stay tuned for our news!)

…and many more learnings to embrace innovation and transformational change in today’s emergency response!

Any questions about NG112? Please contact Freddie McBride at [email protected].