For the last few years, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been subjected to new regulations putting limits to the exponential growth of drones technology, including emergency services. Nowadays, legislation on drones for emergency response is fragmented. Each country has a different framework and not all first responders are allowed to operate as freely as they need. And even at the European level, first responders are not being contemplated.

At EENA, we want to voice the needs of emergency services to the decision-makers of the European Union and the Member States, so every emergency service can benefit from this technology. That is why we need you!

EENA is creating a Position Paper that will serve to summarise the first responders’ needs to law-makers. Your feedback is crucial for this initiative to be successful since it will represent your voice and the other emergency services.

We are inviting you to a webinar where we will discuss how to make this possible and have your voice heard. For that matter, we will hold 3 different webinars, in SpanishFrench and English.

Presented by

Alfonso Zamarro

Drones Activities Manager, EENA

Benoit Vivier

Public Affairs Manager, EENA