As citizens everywhere are increasingly moving towards multimedia digital channels for their regular communications, emergency services continue to be accessible only by traditional voice call… Next Generation 112 (NG112) seeks to harness the possibilities of technologies such as the Internet of Things, Smart Cities and internet-based communications to help save lives.

During our last EENA Conference, we launched a project (featured on the press here) to bridge that gap and bring emergency communications up to speed with the technology we use every day, to ensure that all means can be used when responding to emergencies. The project is now launching a call for applications to create different consortia (at least one per participating country) to test today the architecture that will allow emergency communications tomorrow.

Presented by

Cristina Lumbreras

EENA Technical Director

Wolfgang Kampichler

EENA Committee Co-Chair & Frequentis

Luca Bergonzi

EENA Committee Co-Chair & Beta80