Presented on: 4 May 2021, 15:00 CEST

Emergency services operate very differently across continents. Even within the same country, there can be differences in the structure, technologies and procedures of each organisation. Facing a variety of challenges, emergency response requires continuous adaptation and improvements.

In this ever-changing context, EENA has decided to launch a new series of webinars that will focus on emergency communications reforms in European countries. From February to June, emergency services will share their experience and plans with the EENA community.

 In May, officials from the Ministry of the Interior in France shared their experience and plans with the EENA community

What did we learn?

  • How emergency calls are handled in France and by which organisations
  • Status of eCall, public warning systems, Advanced Mobile Location
  • Ongoing and future projects, reforms, upgrades such as NexSIS 18/112, the Radio du Futur broadband network programme, and others,
  • National legislation and regulations

…and much more


Presented by

Portrait du Prefet Guillaume LAMBERT? Chef de la mission de préfiguration de la DGSCGC

Guillaume Lambert

Head of the French public safety broadband network programme Réseau Radio du Futur, Ministry of the Interior
Guillaume is Senior executive of the Ministry of the Interior, with 15 years of operational experience at the highest level of the State, alternating executive responsibilities and the conduct of strategic projects. Leader resolutely turned towards innovation and capitalizing on numerous successes in the various missions he achieved: Design and development of the NexSIS digital emergency services platform, as well as the deployment of eCall National Infrastructure.

Michel Monneret

Director of the ANSC (Digital Agency for Civil Protection)
Director of the ANSC since November 2018, Michel Monneret is a senior civil servant, administrator general. After a military background specialising in aeronautics, he joined the prefectoral corps by holding several management positions in territorial administration, and served at the DGSCGC (General Directorate of Civil Protection and Crisis Management) in the crisis management planning department, and then at the national education as head of department, deputy to the director of digital for education. He is the director of the ANSC where he coordinates digital projects such as AML, and the implementation of NexSIS 18/112.
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Romain Moutard

Programme Director, Ministry of the Interior
Romain is a senior firefighter officer with more than 20 years of experience, alternating between operational command and project management in new technologies. Convinced by transversality, he has been putting his leadership skills at the service of the French Ministry of the Interior for the past 5 years with a multidisciplinary team in order to achieve common objectives in the field of alert and rescue. In particular, he coordinates the deployment of the public warning system.