Presented on: 06 April 2021, 15:00 CEST

Emergency services operate very differently across continents. Even within the same country, there can be differences in the structure, technologies and procedures of each organisation. Facing a variety of challenges, emergency response requires continuous adaptation and improvements.

In this ever-changing context, EENA has decided to launch a new series of webinars that will focus on emergency communications reforms in European countries. From February to June, emergency services will share their experience and plans with the EENA community.

In April, officials from the Directorate “National 112 System”, Ministry of the Interior in Bulgaria, presented their experience and plans with the EENA community.

What did we learn?

  • How 112 works in Bulgaria and its emergency calls handling model;
  • PSAPs average daily load;
  • Model of the unified information and communication platform;
  • Improvements and technological reforms of the national 112 system structure incl. the reforms in the context of the EU legislation;
  • Status of eCall, AML, Transnational Calls and others;
  • Accessibility for end-users with disabilities;
  • and many others…

presented by


Stiliyan Velchev

Head of "System administration and coordination", PSAP Ruse, Directorate “National 112 system”, Ministry of Interior, Bulgaria
Stiliyan has been one of the leading administrators who took part in the establishment and implementation of the 112 system at a national level, which started in 2008. Backed by 13 years of experience in management, development and troubleshooting IT assets, he worked on projects, such as I_HeERO - eCall implementation and upgrade plan, the PSAP Conformity Assessments, the eCall implementation in Bulgaria, as well as the upgrade of the national 112 system.

Zeki Malunski

Public Expert in the Directorate "National 112 System", Ministry of Interior, Bulgaria
Zeki Malunski has had a proven experience in the Ministry of Interior for 13 years. He has been a part of the leading structure for 7 years in the Directorate "National 112 System". Also, Zeki was a part of the work team of Communication and Information Systems Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, as a head of IT development department. Zeki Malunski has been a part-time lecturer of programming languages and databases in Technical University of Sofia since 2010. His qualities as an excellent Project Manager have been proven once again in the latest projects for the implementation of the services, which are eCall in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, and the access of end-users with disabilities to 112.