Presented on: 15 June 2021, 15:00 CEST

Emergency services operate very differently across continents. Even within the same country, there can be differences in the structure, technologies and procedures of each organisation. Facing a variety of challenges, emergency response requires continuous adaptation and improvements.

In this ever-changing context, EENA has decided to launch a new series of webinars that will focus on emergency communications reforms in European countries.

 In June, officials from the  Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, Ministry of Defence shared their experience and plans with the EENA community.

What have we learnt?

  • How emergency calls are handled and by which organisations
  • Status of eCall, public warning systems, Advanced Mobile Location, drones, apps…
  • Ongoing and future projects, reforms, upgrades
  • National legislation and regulations
  • …and much more


presented by


Bostjan Tavcar

Head of Information and Telecommunication Department¸ Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, Slovenia
Since 1994 Bostjan has been with the Ministry of Defense, Administration for Civil protection and Disaster Relief. In recent years, he has held the position of the Head of the Notification Centre of the Republic of Slovenia. Since October 2019, he is in charge of development and adoption of information and communications systems and the unified European emergency numbers 112. He is also the author of the emergency application for hard of hearing WAP112, the predecessor of the next generation 112 call service, which received an international EENA award in 2009. He is the initiator of the implementation of eCall in Slovenia and has been actively involved in numerous European projects, including U2010, MONET, ABSOLUTE, HeERO, NEXES and others. He is a member of European Club 112.

Grigorij Krupenko

112 Advisor, Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, Slovenia
Grigorij Krupenko is a 112 application development consultant. He has been working in the field of civil protection and disaster relief and European number 112 since 2004. He works on the 112 improvements and implementation of new techniques and processes. He is responsible for all of the used applications in the 13 PSAP's in Slovenia.