Presented on: 18 May 2021, 15:00 CEST

Emergency services operate very differently across continents. Even within the same country, there can be differences in the structure, technologies and procedures of each organisation. Facing a variety of challenges, emergency response requires continuous adaptation and improvements.

In this ever-changing context, EENA has decided to launch a new series of webinars that will focus on emergency communications reforms in European countries. From February to June, emergency services will share their experience and plans with the EENA community.

Mid-May, Marieke Ackerman, 112 Advisor at the Police Agency presented the experience and plans in The Netherlands with the EENA community.

What we have learnt?

  • How are emergency calls handled in The Netherlands;
  • Status of eCall, Public Warning systems, Advanced Mobile Location, apps…
  • Reforms related to our emergency calls handling system/organisation
  • Other planned reforms/projects


Presented by

Marieke Ackerman

Marieke Ackerman

112 Advisor, Police Agency, The Netherlands
Marieke Ackerman is a 112 advisor within the Dutch Control Room Organization (LMS) She works on improvement in the 112 technique and process. LMS works for all emergency services but is part of the (national) police. LMS provides the PSAP’s for the emergency services (ICT, location, facilities). LMS is building a network of 10 connected PSAPs.