9 April: PSAP Innovation Series: Episode 2 – Protection & Rescue Zurich, 2:30pm CET

Join us for the second in a new series of webinars dedicated to showcasing innovative Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).

This series will allow you to hear first-hand from PSAPs themselves on their challenges and triumphs, and the ways in which they are developing their technologies for the better.

In this second edition, we’ll hear from Zurich’s PSAP. The presenters will discuss the practical impact in a PSAP of the implementation of Next Generation 112, as well as Advanced Mobile Location and eCall, which have recently been deployed in Switzerland. The webinar will show how these technologies have been integrated into the PSAP operations and the call-takers’ work.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear about the impact of new technologies and initiatives from PSAPs themselves, this is the series for you!



Presented by

Andreas Beeler

Andreas Beeler

Head of Telecommunications (Confederation & Cantons)
PTI - Police Technology and Information Technology Switzerland

First lieutenant Gregor Gysi

Technical head/deputy head EOCC
Protection & Rescue Zurich