The ENGAGE project address research and innovation on resilience as an intrinsic ability of the society to adjust its functioning and sustain operations prior, during and after disasters.

Natural and man-made disasters remind us that the ability of societies to adapt and prosper depends on the collective action of society. Current knowledge, strategies and methods for societal risk governance are to a large extent focused on the efforts of public authorities to protect citizens from harm and ensure continuity in vital societal functions.

The 3-year EU funded project will provide solutions to support the engagement of citizens, communities and authorities in a “whole-of-society” approach and capitalise on the knowledge, capabilities and social capital existing at all levels of society.

ENGAGE’s mission is to provide knowledge and impactful solutions for exploiting Europe ́s hidden and unused resource: its inherent resilience.

The project brings together 14 partners from 8 countries aiming to show how individuals and local practices can interrelate effectively with planned preparedness and response, practitioners, and technology.