The use of Remotely Piloted Airborne System (RPAS) by the emergency services is being more and more visible and their role and impact as part of an overall emergency response is being more widely known. There are many challenges when using an RPAS during an emergency response situation but equally there are significant opportunities for the emergency services.

The current procedure for receiving permission to operate an RPAS by an emergency service in many countries is through the respective Aviation Authority. One of the requirements that many such Aviation Authorities have is that  each emergency service should create and furnish an Operations Manual, as well as other requirements. Within each Aviation Authority there are national conditions that need to be adhered to and country-specific regulations that should be considered in producing an Operations Manual.

As a result, this document aims to provide a working template for the emergency services to support them in writing their Operations Manual. It is not intended to be a de facto template as a ‘one size fits all’ approach would simply not work. It is intended that those emergency services who are intending to create their Operations Manual could use this template as a starting point and then amend and adjust it so as to help them towards RPAS implementation in their service.

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