Coffee Break

Freshly brewed by Marta Azevedo Silva

The Portuguese people are famous for taking coffee breaks. In the morning, in the afternoon or at the end of the day. There are no rules.
Just between us, many times the expression “let’s have a coffee” is an excuse for us to pause and chitchat.
This is the objective of this newsletter: a triweekly energy boost on EENA’s updates and a recap of what happened in our community for you to read over a coffee.

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Organic coffee ☕️
EENA’s latest work (homemade in our Belgian office)
Technical workshop on identifying and resolving AML errors when using Android Emergency Location Service (ELS). Materials available soon here.
Blog post: EENA meets Accessibility Officer, Mher Hakobyan.
Social Media Announcement: 112 Awards Winners 2021 (2 June between 14.00 and 15.30 CEST).
Webinar on emergency communications reforms in the Netherlands. Access the recording and materials here.

To be served soon ?️
Upcoming EENA activities
– Blog post: Using social media intelligence in public safety operations.
– 31 May: EENA Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) paper.
– 1 June (15.00 CEST): Webinar on emergency communications reforms in Portugal. Add to Calendar
– Blog post on teleworking for emergency call-takers.
– 8 June (15.00 CEST): Webinar on emergency communications reforms in Sweden. Add to Calendar
– 15 June (15.00 CEST): Webinar on emergency communications reforms in Slovenia. Add to Calendar

In need of refreshment? ?
Look back at our previous work
Document: Caller location in NG112 – end-to-end approach.
‘NG112: from theory to reality’ virtual event: Check the recording and materials here.
Webinar on emergency communications reforms in France. Access the recording and materials here.
Blog post: Seeking help for mental wellness: a sign of courage. Opinion article from Monica Million, Executive Director, Colorado 9-1-1 Resource Center.
Document: Emergency Services Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities – 2021 update.
Blog post: EENA meets Italian firefighter Federico Brizio.

Take-away? ?
Our latest event designed for our community
2  June: 112 Awardees 2021
– Every year, we see heroes across the globe going beyond the expected to help others. This year, we will announce the winners of the 112 Awards Ceremony on social media. Join us for the social media announcement of our latest heroes. Add to Calendar

Coffee Facts – Kindly sponsored by our own Benoit Vivier
is a term which could refer to the origin of a coffee, a coffee maker, a special preparation of coffee or a cake. The name ‘moka’ originates from a port in Yemen which imported and exported coffee from Ethiopia. From Yemen, most of the coffee was then shipped to Cairo (the first main trade market place for coffee) through the Arabic Peninsula, which gave its name to… Arabica.

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