Coffee Break

Freshly brewed by Marta Azevedo Silva

The Portuguese people are famous for taking coffee breaks. In the morning, in the afternoon or at the end of the day. There are no rules.
Just between us, many times the expression “let’s have a coffee” is an excuse for us to pause and chitchat.
This is the objective of this newsletter: a triweekly energy boost on EENA’s updates and a recap of what happened in our community for you to read over a coffee.

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Organic coffee ☕️
EENA’s latest work (homemade in our Belgian office)
Press Release: Results from the NG112 Plugtests 2021
EENA’s Governing Board: Kaili Tamm and Emily Hough have been appointed Members of EENA’s Governing Board
EENA’s Blog: AI: emergency services’ best sidekick?
Press Release: NG112: From theory to reality’ virtual event – Draft programme and registration available

To be served soon ?️
Upcoming EENA activities
– Blog post: Critical Communications: Today and Tomorrow
– 6 April (15.00 CET): Webinar on emergency communications reforms in Bulgaria. Add to Calendar
– 4 May (15.00 CET): Webinar on emergency communications reforms in France. Add to Calendar
– 18 May (15.00 CET): Webinar on emergency communications reforms in the Netherlands. Add to Calendar

In need of refreshment? ?
Look back at our previous work
EENA’s Blog: NG112 interoperability testing: from Europe to USA
EENA’s Blog: Inside the emergency call centre: designing a PSAP
News: Review of the roaming regulation: Important provisions on 112 

Take-away? ?
Latest hot news & events in the sector
Blog post: Societal Resilience: A Sneaky Concept Unraveled. Read this article here.
Document: VOST Madrid proposes a series of tips on how to use social networks in the correct way to support the search for missing persons. Read their proposal here.
Webinar, March 25: International Models in Emergency Management, India held by Capacity Building International (CBI) in partnership with The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS). How does a nation like India with a population of over 1.3 billion people manage disasters? Register for this webinar here.

Coffee Facts

It would not make sense to have this special edition related to St.Patrick’s Day and not include a fact about our newest Irish member of the team.
Freddie’s day is divided between tea and regular coffee. About 3/4 cups a day of each of these drinks. Rumours say that on Friday and to end the week in a big way, the drink of choice is Irish coffee.


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